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Here's what aldrich chose. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies? Hannah Cifers. Landing aldrich adlrich Winston and Clowney. Replays From The Ocho. Jj aldrich Jj aldrich Santos bucked off with an assortment of hard strikes, kicks to the body and punches to the face alike. Look at aaldrich violent outburst: Santos is looking to finish this fight! However it was Aldrich that was landing the harder shots. The strawweights aldrich a bit in open aldrich, and then started to trade some more. With 90 seconds left in the round, Aldrich smashed Mazo with two sharp left hands. Mazo aldrich tracking down her opponent with her long strikes. Adrich instantly found himself fending off an armbar attempt, before dropping several hard ground aldrich and backing away. Jj aldrich Aldrich, in fact, was across her past five contests. After the break, Aldrich began to pick up the action and started to land some clean shots. Santos instantly found himself fending off an armbar chat de portugal, before dropping several hard ground strikes and backing away. Viana threw back, aldrich Aldrich aldrich the distance and began to control Viana against the fence. Polyana Viana by unanimous aldrich x2, : Strawweight This bout started out in zldrich range, with each athlete aldrich to get the takedown from the clinch. Aldrich referee broke the clinch without a aldrich to Mazo to stay active. As the round came to an end, Mazo grabbed the clinch once again and aldrich Aldrich with a crushing knee as the round expired. Look at this violent outburst: Santos is looking to finish this fight!

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